Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Self Control

Image result for children fighting clipart    For a person to be able to command its self it may need some control. Self-control is controlling one's emotions, desires, or the expression of them in their behavior. Myself - control is very well. From a rating of 1 - 10, I place myself as a 7.  I am capable of telling myself when it's enough. I know my limit in which I can calm down. For example, my siblings and I  always get into arguments in which my parents always come in and take charge of the problem. My sister and I are screaming at each other like barking dogs. My parents then take sides and choose which is right or wrong. At times they choose the other child and  I'm still there trying to back up my claim. My parents then start telling me what's right or wrong and I'm there still yelling. I then tell myself to stop. I stop because I know I am making the problem bigger. I also know that I am wasting more time when we could have resolved the problem earlier. I just settle down. And next thing I know, the discussion is over. It's good having self-control. You know what's okay and what's not. I notice that many people avoid trouble by just staying quiet. They may not be hearing a person, but it's for the best. If they do hear and react to it, there would never be a good outcome. I know it can be hard to resist, but if a person controls itself it better for them and their environment. 


Image result for tough timeAs the world evolves people make misperception in which they mistaken beliefs.  For example, somebody might say, " Girls are not good at sports." (Google) This is a mistaken belief because in the world there are many female athletes who have made it to the top of the sporting career. Many people stereotype to make them feel better about their race, sexuality, and their culture. As in me, my parents have stereotyped me. I don't know why, but they just did. They have told me "you're too young to understand anything about life. It really ticked me off. I may not be old enough to experience everything, but I understand the conception of many things. I know what's a tough time and I do have a tough time, but for my parents, it seems as if it's nothing. I at times struggle with my homework and give a loud sigh of frustration. They always say, " You don't really know what's a tough time, you've never worried about money or bills." Little do they know that I stress out about myself. They think having a tough time is working and paying bills, but it's so much more. A person can have a tough time from its own depression or its self-esteem. This makes it hard to be you. You don't know how to solve this issue and you're just stuck. I as a teen know what is tough or not and people should never assume our problems and in what scale level they should fall in. A person should just stay put and quiet so that they can give moral support.

Favorite Place

Image result for person sleeping in bed clipart

     A person's favorite place may be anywhere. For many, it's at school, a park, or even a forest. My favorite place is my room. I always feel safe. My room is a place in which I can be me. I don't care how I look there and especially how I act. My bedroom is a place of relaxation. It makes me clear my mind and forget about my worries. It's basically a no worry free zone.  Whenever I am at home I'm in my room 24/7. My room is always quiet. No one is really there beside me since every sibling is in the living room watching TV. In my room, I always have something there to entertain me. It's either looking at pictures or just hearing music. It's also my favorite place since my dog likes being there and when I lay down on my bed my dog is there to greet me. My room will forever be my favorite place since my bed is there waiting for me after a long day. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Bubble

As human beings, we have our own bubble that's called , "Our Comfort Zone." A comfort zone is "A place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress."(Google) Our comfort zone is a sort of feeling that makes you know that you are feeling great about yourself and in a safe environment. Many people's comfort zone is them being in their house with their family. While others like to be with friends at school and in a classroom. A comfort zone can also be a situation. A comfort zone in a situation is like when you ae having a problem with one person and you don't feel safe or comfortable talking to them, then you are not in your own comfort zone. My comfort zone is being in my house with family and dog. My situation comfort zone is when I feel free of being myself.

My zone is really not the problem it is my situation zone in which I may never feel comfortable in a place. I never really like to get out of my comfort zone because I am just too afraid  that something bad might happen and that I can get hurt in some type of way. My sister always like to pressure me to try new things, in which I really thank her for.  For example, I and  my sister always go walking home and we always pass by a shortcut which is to hop a ditch. My sister is more of a brave person and I can't. To pass the shortcut for the ditch we have to walk behind houses in which the  back of the housings there is a large field. In that field, it has some sort of scary feeling. Not that paranormal type of feeling, but the feeling that something will pop - up. It's that I am just scared that a snake or a possum might just come out of nowhere. For a long period of time, I used to avoid that route and my sister used to leave me alone and she will go herself. The good thing about that ditch is that you get to arrive five minutes earlier to my house. So this one day I was so tired and I just wanted to go home. My sister then said , " Let us go tot the shortcut." I was so hesitant of not going and since I was so scared I took the other way. Until one day I was just tired of being afraid of the smallest things. So I gave myself a pep - talk before we got to the ditch. I saw my sister hop after a blink of an eye. So  I'm just standing there by myself and telling her to demonstrate it again and after a couple of times, she hopped she got irritated and left me. With the threat of her leaving me, I hopped to the other side . She eventually said ," I just wanted you to hop already, cause I was getting bored." I eventually hopped because I did not want to be alone and a possum might just come out of anywhere. So I did face my challenge. I eventually learned of to not let fear get in your way and that you are eventually going to do it sooner or later.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

My Reading Life

My reading life has been quite and interesting story. As a child, I had never liked books, just the one with many pictures, which was then considered as a picture book. I only used to like funny books like Amelia Bedelia or Bigfoot Cinderella. The only problem I had was that I was easily distracted while reading by myself or with my sister.  I used to imagine myself in the characters situation like me going up to the sky with balloons like Curious George when he was trying to flee a scene. I always thought that books were supposed to take you into a different world that will make you imagine the greatest thoughts or images in your head. But all that reading made me have was brain farts.

After a while, I decided to just take a break from reading, which in my terms were to still hold a book, but instead of reading it, I just used to wander off in my own world by imagining of what is the queen of  England doing at that moment.

As I was starting to get older my parents used to give me the biggest lecture of  how reading was important and how it was beneficial for my learning. So I then decided to begin to read again just to get my parents off my back about my lack of not reading. Well, I always had my reason for not wanting to read, and it was because there were never any good books in the library that would have gotten my attention. I then asked people for some suggestions about books and they suggested me the Harry Potter series and at that moment I thought that the book was really boring because it was just about a kid that's a wizard. So after his suggestion, I then went to a library to check the book out and I did eventually like the book, but I only read three of the seven books because they were starting to get too long for me.

Since then I began  to read because I probably misjudged plenty of books by its cover. I then read some Rahl Dahl books like James and the Giant Peach and one of my most favorite books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  After those two books, I read Heart to Heart by Lurlene McDaniel,  and Annexed by Sharon Dogar in which I have recommended to my friend because the book had a very different perspective than Anne Frank, which was Peter Van Pels, the boy whose family hid with the Franks during WWII.

Annexed is one of the most current books that I have previously read. The book has a very great perspective from Peter Van Pels. He shows a boys perspective of how it was hard to go into hiding, how difficult it was to live a "normal" life in the annex and knowing that you have to live in secret. Peter showed a side of men and boys of how difficult it was to leave wives, friends, children, mothers and fathers, girlfriends, and loved ones. He showed a side that men and boys don't share which were fear, sadness, depression, heartbroken, and hopes and dreams. He was a great example of how was an experience of living the war and how hard it was for people living in the Concentration Camps. The book showed how close the glory of being free was and how many people did not get feel that moment.

My reading was not as great as me and my parents wanted it to be, but oh well, what can we do about it. Although I had a late start of the joyous path of reading, I know that my reading path will be a great adventure because I now know that there are great non-fictional and fictional books out there for me to read.


As a child, I was very different. I used to laugh a lot and not worry about anything. I used to live in my own world and everyone was living around it. I most likely imitate and still imitate people that I myself do not even know that I am doing it. Imitating may have probably shaped me of who I am. Since I was very young my dad and I  were and still are great buddies. My dad and  have always understood each other and I have always "followed" him. The person I imitate is my dad.

My dad is a pretty cool person. Since I hang out with my dad a lot I get to see his characteristics. I see his bad and nice side. His nice is one of the things I do recognize that I imitate a lot.

 My dad always wants to have a great time. He says, "Why do later, when you can do it now" in Spanish the phrase sounds so inspirational to me. For example, when I was younger I was going through a Leonard Da Vinci phase and I used to like to draw and paint. This one day I saw an art contest happening around my city which was about saving water. I got the flyer and showed it to my dad and said for me to join  and I said I can start drawing tomorrow and he said, " Do it now, most likely some inspiration may come since you are excited about it " I started and I eventually did not even send it to the art contest , but it was worth it.  I have imitated my dad's friendliness. My dad likes to greet everybody no matter where he is. Sometimes we are at the bank and he just begins to talk to a stranger. Unlike me, I am a very nervous person and I am very insecure so I can't even begin a conversation, but if somebody talks to me then I can. He has also shown me that always enjoy  the moment. He never likes to be sad or mad and neither do I. When my dad and I have arguments we can never take each other seriously because we should never be mad , instead we just laugh at each other.

I have also seen his bad side which is no
t really bad. I have noticed and followed that you should never let anger take over you. Anger may be one of the strongest emotions, but you always have to control it so that you that you can hurt someone's feelings. I have also imitated that you should just let the anger pass. If you or someone is mad at one another, try to fix the problem so that it won't make a massive effect on one another. I have known that not having patience is one of the worst character traits that a person may have, in which why I have so many patience until a big certain point. Having zero patience is basically giving up on everything. Without patience, you may not accomplish many goals that we have set for ourselves. Many things may take a lot of time so we just have to deal with it, instead of getting frustrated.

My father has been a great "Idol" to imitate. He has shown                                                           me and talked to                                                       me about how a                                                       person should                                                           be. I am who I                                                         am till this day.                                                         He is my "Idol"                                                         and I am his                                                              "Imitator".

Representing my Life

As you grow older you start to change. You change physically, mentally and emotionally and that is when you start to build your own characteristics. Your characteristics can be being funny, loud, open - minded, or even being selfish. But what represents your characteristics. A clown wig may represent a funny person, and a happy face may represent a jolly person, but what represents me ? I have thought about this for a very long time and I finally came up with an  object that many people will not choose. I believe that I am a "Laptop."

I am a laptop in many ways. A laptop is very useful and so am I. I am very useful for people by being their friend when they don't have one. I move my priorities to the side to help someone out. I like to make people happy and know that they are okay. I will always put people first then me. Many people use me and when they are satisfied with their results they just end up leaving me alone. For instance, many of my peers from elementary used to take advantage of my friendliness and  copy my classwork. For me wanting to satisfy them, I used to let them do them and step over me. I am too nice and I never like to make people feel bad. A laptop is always there when you need some help from sources, but once you are done using the laptop it worthless because you won't need it for anything else. For example, you don't need a laptop to help you with the dishes and nor would you need me after I helped you with something.